Albany’s Mayor Sharon Konopa 2009 – 2020

Albany mayor honored by Landmarks Commission

Sharon Konopa, as Mayor of Albany, in addition to continuing her decades long commitment to volunteering, did not hold another job or own a business that would interfere with her mayoral duties. For decades, Sharon  has devoted her time and energy to serving Albany’s residents.

Sharon Konopa has always been a strong advocate for family wage jobs, and most importantly, retaining Albany’s current jobs.

As Albany’s Mayor, Sharon Konopa worked to bring millions of dollars and hundreds of jobs to our city during the Great Recession. She has the experience to lead us through the current crises and beyond.

As Mayor, Sharon Konopa Receives State Leadership Award in 2017

Sharon Konopa is endorsed by the Albany Police Association, United Food and Commercial Workers Local 555  and Joint Council of Teamsters No. 37

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Have you ever noticed Albany’s homeless population is less than other communities our size?  This is the results of Sharon Konopa’s support over the years, in dealing with the continuing issues surrounding homelessness. It is essential to have supportive services and programs that do not enable homelessness.  Read Sharon’s story in addressing homelessness in Albany.

Current issues facing Albany, our state and nation is homelessness.

“I have held many conversations over the years regarding the issues surrounding homelessness. I drafted a long summary report on my efforts, our City and local agencies in striving for the goal of seeking housing for a solution and to not enable someone to stay homeless. I welcome you to read my story.” -Sharon   Read More
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Konopa’s Personal Background

Sharon Konopa is a native Oregonian. She has lived in Albany since a young child, and the South Albany area.

She and her husband Steve, both graduated from South Albany High School in 1975. They have been married since 1977 and have lived in the same home. They have a daughter, son-in-law and two grandsons who also live in Albany.